BARF Box Nr. 2 Monthly Ration

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67,90 €  incl. VAT. excl. tax

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Monthly ration for adult dogs from 13-17kg
daily requirement: approx. 300-500g per day

This BARF MONTH BOX is suitable for adult dogs weighing between 13 and 17 kg.
The monthly box serves as the basis for a balanced BARF nutrition. It contains muscle meat, gristle and bones, offal, fruit and vegetables.

A BARF-PLAN is enclosed with the order. However, the plan does not have to be followed meticulously.
Every dog is different. If your dog is getting too thin, feed more (then the products will not be enough for a month). If it is getting too chubby, feed less (then the products will even last longer than a month).
If you go exactly according to plan, you will be able to feed your dog for 1 month. The plan is only a recommendation. You can also change the order in which you feed the individual products.

You can also supplement other types of food such as eggs, honey, herbs, dairy products, fat, oils, etc. You can find more information on your BARF plan.

+ pureed fruit and vegetables


approx. 10,65 kg

2x 500g beef mix fruit and vegetables
5x 250g veal gristle minced
2x 500g beef rumen
1x 250g beef liver
2x 250g beef heart double minced
1x 500g chicken
7x 200g fruit and vegetables
1x 500g chicken necks
1x 250g chicken breast
1x 1000g coarse beef
2x 500g lamb
1x 250g lamb offal
2x 500g lamb prey
1x 250g salmon
1x 500g chicken stomachs

ATTENTION: For this monthly box we charge EUR 10,-- shipping costs!

BARF Box Nr. 2 Monthly Ration
67,90 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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