bone meal

Grau Bone Meal 400g

9,80 € incl. VAT. excl. tax

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Due to an EU regulation we are not allowed to list all the effects that are attributed to the product.
For more information please call 03136 52573.

For dogs and cats. Bone meal can be used if the dog or cat does not tolerate whole bones.
The bone meal consists of ground bovine bones.
Feeding bones and cartilage is part of BARFing, as these provide important calcium for the pet's own bones and joints.

100 % ground bones (from beef).

crude protein 0,2 %
crude fat 0,3
crude fibre 0,3
crude ash 81,4
sodium 0.016 %
magnesium 0.022 %
calcium 35.7
phosphorus 25,6 %

Puppies, young and small dogs: up to 15 kg    approx. 0.5 g daily.
Young and small dogs: up to 25 kg up to 2.0 g daily
Dogs up to 40 kg: up to 5, 0 g daily
Dogs from 40 kg: up to 7, 0 g daily

A 0.5 g measuring spoon is included in the package.

Due to the high usable calcium content, you really only need a small amount of our bone meal daily for a medium-sized dog! Please do not overdose.

bone meal
Grau Bone Meal 400g
9,80 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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