book "Hunde würden länger leben wenn"

book "Hunde würden länger leben wenn..." (German)

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Approximately 8.2 million cats and 5.4 million dogs currently live in German households. Almost all of these four-legged friends are regularly treated with pointless vaccinations, chemical medicines and abstruse dietary foods, and are thus treated downright ill. This book reveals the abuses in our veterinary practices and exposes the links between the veterinary business and the feed industry. Using practical case studies, veterinarian Jutta Ziegler explains how our dogs and cats should not be treated and fed. The responsible pet owner receives tips and advice in this book on how to protect his pet and himself from corrupt and unscrupulous vets who irresponsibly put the health of the animals entrusted to them at risk for the sake of their own wallets.
This book should be a required reading for every pet owner who cares about the welfare of their pet!

Jutta Ziegler, born in 1955, built up a veterinary clinic near Salzburg after her studies. In addition, she trained as a specialist veterinarian for homeopathy and expanded her knowledge extensively in acupuncture and herbology. Her small animal practice and the associated natural food shop benefit from her many years of experience. In seminars and lectures, she informs colleagues about a general rethink in the treatment of pets.


book "Hunde würden länger leben wenn"
book "Hunde würden länger leben wenn..." (German)
18,50 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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