book "Barf für Hunde"

book "Barf Für Hunde"

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The practical book suitable for everyday use for all questions on the subject of BARF for dogs - with varied recipes.

Healthy and ecologically correct nutrition is absolutely in vogue and does not pass dog owners by without a trace. The solution is called BARF (biologically kind-fair raw food) and contains the needs-based and healthy raw feeding of dogs, with which the owner determines, what lands in the bowl of the dog. The new GU Praxisbuch "BARF für Hunde" offers well-founded basics and in-depth knowledge, practical advice on integrating raw feeding into everyday life, and assistance with problems and questions that arise. In addition, the practical book contains instructions and tips for every dog's life, kitchen hygiene rules, recipes, feeding plans and food overviews. In addition, one learns what is to be considered while feeding the dog raw food when food intolerances and or illnesses arise. If you get involved in the BARF method, pay attention to the quality of the ingredients and the correct composition of the portion, you can feed your dog a balanced diet that meets his needs.

book "Barf für Hunde"
book "Barf Für Hunde"
15,50 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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