Beef Rumen 1000g

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Beef rumen and omasum (two types of stomach).


Beef rumen and omasum are NOT considered offal and can therefore be fed more often.
Rumen or omasum is very tasty for dogs and contains many nutrients.
It also serves somewhat as a vegetable/fruit substitute.
So you don't necessarily have to add fruit and vegetables to a "rumen meal".
*Rumen has a very special smell of its own.

Dog (puppy, adult, senior)

Crude protein: 14.1%
Crude fat: 8,8%
Water: 76,2%
(Analyses of natural products are subject to natural fluctuations).

We recommend that you feed your dog rumen once a week. On this day your dog only gets rumen and nothing else.
ATTENTION: With puppies, always add the rumen to the other meat in small amounts first. Do not give ONLY rumen.
It may be that the puppy does not tolerate rumen well at first.
Also, when changing from Trofu to BARF, the rumen can cause problems (diarrhoea) at the beginning, so add the rumen to the food.
Example: 20 kg dog approx. 400-600 g rumen per day.
Our feeding recommendations are guidelines and can of course vary depending on the dog.

Can be kept in the fridge for approx. 2 days.
Can be defrosted and frozen again later!

Beef Rumen 1000g
2,80 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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