Foggi's Organic Chlorella 150g

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Due to an EU regulation, we are not allowed to list here all the effects that are attributed to the product.
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The unicellular freshwater plant chlorella belongs to the valuable green algae and is one of the most
nutrient-rich plants are known. It provides the animal's body with 19 amino acids
and about 60 - 70% high quality bound proteins.

Analytical Values:
crude protein 57,5%,
crude fat 4,7%,
crude ash 5.5%

As a dietary supplement:
curative: 6-8 weeks 2-3x per year
Cats and small dogs: 0.5g daily
Medium dogs: 1g daily

Foggi's Organic Chlorella 150g
12,90 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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