image of a dog with Foggi’s BARF set with lamb for pups

BARF SET "lamb" for PUPS

95,07 € incl. VAT. excl. tax

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There is no special puppy food in nature. The puppies eat the same as the adults, only relatively more (4-6% of body weight as daily ration).
We recommend that the "ORAL TOLERANCE"   be observed when feeding puppies. This is about the puppy getting used to the individual protein sources. Therefore, feed the same type of meat on several days in a row. Allegedly, this can prevent allergies. For this reason, we only offer one type of meat at a time in our BARF SETS FOR PUPS.

The BARF SET FOR PUPS "Lamb" contains approx. 14,5kg and is suitable for puppies aged between 2-6 months.
The daily ration of a puppy is approx. 4-6% of body weight (see table below).
ATTENTION: Each puppy grows at a different rate (growth spurts). If your puppy becomes too thin, you will need to feed more. If he becomes too fat, feed less. We cannot give general instructions here. You must keep an eye on how your puppy is developing.

ca. 3 kgca. 120g- 180g
ca. 4 kgca. 160g- 240g
ca. 5 kgca. 200g- 300g
ca. 10 kgca. 400g- 600g
ca. 15 kgca. 600g- 900g
ca. 20 kgca. 800g- 1200g
ca. 25 kgca. 1000g- 1500g
ca. 30 kgca. 1200g- 1800g


+ finely minced fruit and vegetables

approx. 15 kg

1x 250g lamb burger

10x 500g lamb
5x 500g lamb prey
5x 500g lamb rumen (add a little - so that the rumen is better tolerated)
4x 250g lamb offal (add a little - too much offal can cause diarrhoea)

15x 200g fruit and vegetables

ATTENTION: For this set we charge EUR 10,-- shipping costs!
The whole delivery comes in a high-quality insulation box, which you have to return to us.

*The BARF ration can be supplemented with additional food such as eggs, honey, herbs, dairy products, fat, oils etc.

image of a dog with Foggi’s BARF set with lamb for pups
BARF SET "lamb" for PUPS
95,07 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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