paw cream

Paw Cream 80 ml

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Dog & Cat Paw Cream is a purely herbal rebuilding and regenerating care for stressed skin areas. Excellent for dry, cracked paws, as well as for scar care or flaky skin.

Ideally suited for the care of or prevention of skin irritations (in winter when salt is scattered)!

Take cream with a spatula, rub into the hand and apply to the affected skin area.
Note: Licking off the cream is harmless.
Net content: 80 ml

The ingredients of the dog & cat paw cream come exclusively from organic cultivation or wild collection. The cream is completely free from petrochemical and synthetic additives.

Consists of: shea butter, wild rose oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, propolis, lavender oil and geranium oil.

paw cream
Paw Cream 80 ml
16,40 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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