Gray Hokamix 400g

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Due to an EU regulation, we are not allowed to list here all the effects that are claimed to be associated with the product.
For further information please call us on 03136 52573

Application HOKAMIX:

Allround care for large, small, young and old dogs. The addition of Hokamix contributes to a balanced dog diet
biological, species-appropriate raw feeding (BARF).

Alfalfa, vegetables (e.g. nettle), calamus, seeds (e.g. aniseed, linseed),
lady's mantle, goldenrod, horsetail, St. John's wort, lungwort, yarrow, spice products (e.g. cayenne pepper, rosemary), pansy herb

Analytical components:
crude protein 10.1%, fat content 7.1%, crude fibre 13.8%, crude ash 45.2%, moisture 5.8%, calcium 14.2%, phosphorus 0.28

HOKAMIX30 is suitable for dogs in every phase of life. Start feeding slowly increasing small amounts. Mix the powder into the daily food. A 5 g measuring spoon is included in the package, unintentional overfeeding is not dangerous.

As a basic amount, each dog (puppies as soon as they eat independently) needs per kg body weight 1 g per day.

Dogs from 15 kg to 40 kg:   15 g per day
Dogs over 40 kg:      20 to 25 g per day

Attention: Do not bring HOKAMIX30 into contact with too hot water; do not heat it above +35°C.

Gray Hokamix 400g
21,89 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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