Lunderland COLLAGEN 300g

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Due to an EU regulation we are not allowed to list here all the effects that are attributed to the product.
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100% collagen hydrolysate, granulated and without other ingredients

Lunderland collagen is a powder which is made from 100% pork rinds. It comes from food production and meets the requirements for edible gelatine.

The amino acids contained in collagen hydrolysate are natural components of bones, cartilage, skin and hair. In Lunderland collagen, these amino acids are present in a bioavailable form....

The collagen can be easily given over moist feed (raw meat or canned meat).

The recommended amount of pure Lunderland collagen for dogs and cats is 1g/ 5kg body weight per day.

As with many feed supplements, the effect usually sets in after some time of ingestion.

Analytical values:
Protein: 91%

Complete food for dogs and cats

Lunderland COLLAGEN 300g
12,66 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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