aniforte stress anxiety

AniForte BACH FLOWERS Stress and Anxiety

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Field of application:
Special blend for pets that are severely frightened by people, other dogs or objects.

In most cases pets can perceive fears more clearly than humans. This is because they are more sensitive than we are, as they have the heritage of a wild animal in them. Such fears can be caused by various situations such as an appointment with the vet, travelling, restlessness or noise.

The Bach Flowers "Stress and Anxiety" contain a selection of flower essences according to the teachings of Dr Bach and can gently calm our animals.

Signs of anxiety:
The animal tries to hide
It whimpers
It trembles
It bites out of fear

Dogs & Cats: 3-6 times 4 globules daily
Small animals: 3-6 times 2 globules daily 

Directions for use:
The globules can be mixed into food or dissolved in water. You can also very well "hide" the globules in a treat, such as liver sausage or put it directly into the flews.

AniForte® Bach flowers are created by carefully applying Bach flowers to the sugar balls by hand.


It is possible to give several varieties AniForte® Bach flowers at the same time. However, we advise not to combine more than 2 different Bach Flowers  on one day.

Good to know: AniForte® Bach flowers are freely available. They can be administered to pets without further precautions and have no side effects.

Note: Store in a cool and dry place.

aniforte stress anxiety
AniForte BACH FLOWERS Stress and Anxiety
16,50 € incl. VAT. excl. tax
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