Our meat's ORIGIN

The majority of our meat for the production of fresh and frozen meat is obtained from Austrian abattoirs. So the animals are slaughtered in Austria, and the meat is subsequently further processed by us in Styria.

We assume that around 80-90% of the animals come from Austria.


Not all the animals that are slaughtered in Austria come from Austria. For example, they can also include Hungarian animals. Unfortunately, we receive no information from the abattoirs as to the origin of the animals, as that would be too complex. We obtain Category 3 material (parts of slaughtered animals, which are fit for human consumption) and if, for example, an abattoir slaughters a number of cows from different suppliers, the leftovers are not separated out specially for us.


We also obtain organic meat, but unfortunately this is also not labelled for us by the abattoirs. So it may well be the case that our products contain organic meat.
We obtain the organic products (organic turkey stomachs, organic poultry chips, organic poultry snacks, organic poultry sausages) from a poultry slaughterhouse in Carinthia, so we do not produce these organic dried treats ourselves.

Places- of origin

  • BEEF: 

    Various abattoirs in Styria and Carinthia

  • VEAL: 

    Abattoir in Styria, veal cartilage from the Netherlands


    Lugitsch (AT), Geflügel Titz (AT), Perutnina (Slovenia). We only obtain the chicken hearts for the production of dried treats from Slovenia if we receive too few products from Austria. The chicken wings come only from Slovenia.

  • LAMB: 

    80% from Austria (Weiz), Germany (now and again lamb tripe and lungs), Ireland (lamb hearts, various lamb bones)


    From Upper Austria and France. The meat from France is delivered by refrigerated truck and is of food quality.

  • TURKEY: 

    Only Austrian poultry (Carinthia)


    From Austrian venison cutting plants

  • FISH: 

    Fishmongers in Graz and fish wholesalers in Germany

  • RABBIT: 

    Is obtained from Upper Austria.

Naturally we would like to obtain our products exclusively from Austria. Unfortunately, this is not possible, because there would be supply shortages too often. However, we are constantly looking for new domestic suppliers.

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