What is BARF?

Your dog is descended from the wolf, and is therefore a carnivore. You can also tell this from its teeth. The healthiest way to feed your four-legged friend is with raw meat, vegetables and fruit. This is known as BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

Back to the roots! WHY FEED YOUR DOG BARF?

Raw meat food is the most natural diet for your dog. Our dogs’ ancestors did not know either tinned or dry food. And no, they had no symptoms of deficiencies. They lived on bones, meat and innards from their prey. Owners who feed their dogs BARF are trying to imitate this original form of nutrition. Meat and bones serve to supply energy and calcium, while vegetables, herbs, fruit and various oils provide the necessary vitamins. A BARF diet is not a science, and works quite simply. Every dog eats meat, including very young ones.

Combatting ALLERGIES

More and more vets recommend that dog owners should switch to raw food. The reason for this is the allergies that develop due to incorrect nutrition, and result in itching, skin rashes and diarrhoea. It is often an excess quantity of cereal in ready-prepared dog food that makes your dog ill. But your dog is a carnivore, in other words its stomach and intestines are not designed to process cereal. On the other hand, it is well able to digest raw meat and pureed vegetables, and these are tasty and healthy. An elimination diet can work wonders when combatting allergies (e.g. for 1 to 2 months only venison, lamb or horse meat in raw form).

Seek the advice of your vet. BARF is not a miracle cure, nor is it a safeguard against illnesses, but the foundation for a healthy and vital life for your dog.

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