Dogs are Carni­vores!

Raw meat is dangerous.
It transmits parasites and bacteria which cause diseases. Nonsense! Dogs are carnivores, and in fact they are even scavengers, in other words their digestive system is ideally designed for consuming meat and bones. The key stimulus “meat” triggers the production of stomach acid, which is strong enough to make parasites and bacteria harmless.

Raw meat makes dogs aggressive.
An old wives’ tale! A BARF diet has no effect on the relationship between people and dogs. Dogs will probably defend their meat against members of the same species (dog-dog). But every dog has learned since it was small that humans are not in competition with them for food. It is best always to leave your dog in peace to eat.

A BARF diet leads to symptoms of deficiencies.
An argument which is frequently raised by various dog food manufacturers, but which does not correspond to the truth. If you feed your dog a varied BARF diet, it will get all the important nutrients it needs. It is absolutely not necessary for every meal to contain all the vital nutrients. Their diet can be varied over several weeks.


What are the pros and cons of BARF?


  • You yourself determine which ingredients go in your dog’s bowl.
  • Your dog will become more robust and acquire a strong immune system.
  • Your dog will become agile and more able-bodied.
  • Its muscle system will improve.
  • Puppies have fewer growth problems.
  • As the food is so well digested, your dog will deposit much smaller quantities of faeces.
  • Your dog will acquire an attractive, shiny and healthy coat.
  • Your dog will have fewer digestive problems, or none at all.
  • Ideal for dogs with allergies.
  • Your dog will not need to drink as much because meat contains a lot of water.
  • A BARF diet will give your dog attractive teeth.
  • Dogs fed a BARF diet do not give off an unpleasant doggy smell.


  • You are unsure whether you might do something wrong.
  • You have to familiarise yourself with the subject.
  • You need more space for storing your dog’s food, and might need to buy a freezer.
  • There can be problems initially when changing your dog’s food. Its digestive system first has to adjust to raw meat.
  • Vets often have agreements with the dog food industry, and therefore argue against a BARF diet – and this will make you feel unsure. Find yourself a “BARF-friendly” vet, such as Ms Fürnschuβ in Graz (

Literature: Brunner-Stern, Gabriella (2013): Hund barfen - Pro und Contra. Tiermagazin Pet and People. S- 21-23.

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