Frequently asked QUESTIONS

In our FAQ section you will find questions and answers about Foggi’s dog treats and our products. This section is constantly being extended.

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

YES! Dogs are carnivores, and actually in fact scavengers. Their digestive system is ideally equipped for consuming raw meat.


Not if you do it properly. A BARF diet includes among other things raw meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as bones, innards and cartilage. You can also feed your dog milk products and cereal. See “What does a BARF diet include?”

Puree is the best version, as nutrients are lost when you heat fruit and vegetables. So you should crush fruit and vegetables so that your dog can digest them better. Fruit and vegetables consist of cellulose, which is difficult for your four-legged friend’s stomach and intestines to digest.

Of course not. That is an old wives’ tale. A dog’s food has no effect on its relationship with people. Training plays a major role here.


That is very unlikely. Our meat comes from Austrian abattoirs; we obtain the residues from animals that have been slaughtered for human consumption. The meat is also inspected by vets.
We also sell venison from male and female deer, but this is frozen, which kills the parasites and bacteria in the meat. But even if there were to be parasites and bacteria in the meat, your dog would be able to cope with them, as it has very strong stomach acid.

Yes! We have a fresh meat counter in our shop in Premstätten. Our meat deliveries usually arrive on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You are welcome to pre-order by phone. In terms of our products we are very dependent on our suppliers, so unfortunately we do not always have everything.

Yes! We send our frozen meat by post throughout Austria. We use next-day delivery, in other words your order should be delivered to you within 24 hours. The products are sent in a high-quality coolbox. You need to order at least 10kg so that we can send your frozen products to you. If your order is below 10kg, we cannot promise that your meat will still be frozen when it arrives.

If you are not at home, the postal service will leave your box on your doorstep – even WITHOUT a signature release authorisation.

This service actually works very well, and there are only occasionally problems with the delivery time at peak periods (e.g. Christmas).

Shipment costs: We charge shipment costs of €8 for 25kg of frozen products (= a full coolbox). You would have to pay shipment costs of €16 for an order of 26kg – so please watch out!

Yes – but not together. The best thing is to give your dog the dry food in the mornings, and meat in the evenings. The two types of food take different times to be digested and can cause digestive problems if you feed them together.

Not in a raw state! But they can be fatal if cooked. Bones are an important source of calcium, so you should not leave them out of your dog’s diet. If you are afraid of something happening to your dog, feed it ground bones. A dog can choke while eating, but not just on bones – it can also happen with dry food!

Leave it out overnight. The meat should have separated by the next day. But you can also help this along with a bowl of hot water.

If your dog is still young, we recommend feeding it the meat in pieces. Your dog will then have to chew, which is good for its toothcare.

Now and again you can also buy a whole chicken or a whole hare for your dog from a farmer. You will need to get used to the sight of this, but your dog will like it!

Minced meat is more advisable for older dogs, as they often have worn teeth.

In our experience, most dogs tolerate raw meat straightaway. In rare cases dogs get diarrhoea, which will stop after 3-5 days.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can also blanch the meat with hot water to start with.

The dried treats consist of 100% meat. Only the fish burger contains breadcrumbs. The dried treats are dried using hot air, which means they will keep for a long time. We use no chemical additives and also no salt.

Our products are not smoked!

Some time ago, pork was still infected with Aujeszky’s disease. This virus is not harmful for humans, but it is life-threatening for dogs. If you boil the pork thoroughly, nothing will happen.
Generally there are no objections to pork, but we only sell it in dried form (pig ears, pig trotters).

When you are feeding your dog a barf diet, you do not actually need to give it cereal, unless it is too thin – then you can very well add in cooked rice, potato or pasta.

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