Tick danger for dogs

Our four-legged friends are currently enjoying the warm spring days to the full. Preferably outside in nature. They love to roam through the idyllic grasslands. However, there is also a danger lurking there: the tick.

The season for ticks is from February to October. Ticks are not only found in the forest or on the meadow, but also in your own garden. The wood tick, the brown tick or the brown dog tick are common. What makes ticks so dangerous is the fact that they are carriers of pathogens. The consequences can be life-threatening for dogs and cats. The most common diseases include TBE, canine malaria and Lyme disease. Of course, not every contact with a tick results in an infection, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


Caution instead of indulgence


Ticks can transmit diseases to humans and animals. Therefore, ticks must always be removed immediately. An intensive daily examination of the coat is also important. Preventive treatment against ticks is recommended from the beginning to the end of the tick season. AniForte® tick repellent for dogs is used to prevent infestation by ticks and other ectoparasites such as mites and fleas. The tick spray for dogs thus provides effective defense against these external parasites. The product can reduce the risk of infection from pathogens transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes in particular.


Where are the ticks and how do you remove them?


The most popular places for ticks are the head, ears, armpits, groin area, genital area or the area between the toes. As soon as you discover a tick on your pet, it should be removed immediately to prevent the transmission of pathogens. The longer the tick sucks, the higher the probability of transmission.


Ticks are best removed with tick tweezers. It is not advisable to remove them with your fingers, as this increases the transmission of pathogens if the tick is squeezed too much. You should also make sure that the tick is not twisted when removing it, otherwise parts of the tick will get stuck in the skin. It is best to grab the tick close to the skin and pull it straight out. The tick should then be rendered harmless.


Spring is beautiful and should be enjoyed outside in nature with your four-legged friend. However, there is also a well-known danger lurking there: the tick. They can pose a life-threatening danger to both dogs and cats. The tick season starts in February and lasts until October. We recommend carrying out a "check-up" after a walk and using preventative products. This way you and your dog can enjoy the spring outdoors without any worries!


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